About the artist.

Hello, my name is Gyula Valko.

Visual self-expression was a relentless urge since my early childhood: drawing and creating sculptures has become an essential activity. In 2000, I got admitted to the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and during my studies I was amazed by the elaborated world of copper engravings and baroque paintings. I’ve obtained a Master’s diploma in Painting in 2005, and later I was working as an illustrator, graphic designer, and scenographer, and took part in several projects, performances, and solo (individual) exhibitions.
The idea of considering tattoos  and skin itself as a medium, caught my attention 7 years ago, when I started to find new challenges through this form of art. First, I’ve been working as a tattoo artist in Budapest, Hungary, and later in Bavaria, Germany, where I’ve learned the most about this profession. Last year I moved to the capital of the ’Green Island’, and have been working at Dragon Tattoo (one of oldest tattoo studios), and at Dublin Ink (one of the best tattoo studios).
I’m extremely grateful for the German tattoo studio, Clarissa’s Tattoo Art, where I’ve learned the core of techniques, and the ins and outs of the profession. However, the studio represents various schools and trends, the black and grey/blackwork are the trends I can identify myself with the most.
Since I’ve been working as a tattoo artist, I’ve noticed that some studios prefer quantity over quality, and habits over hygiene. At my place, customers can be absolutely sure they’ll be seen in high-standard conditions and clean environment.
I put quality first – I love creating unique designs and patterns, this is why I find it essential, to form a common point of view with clients in the planning period already.

The motto of „Everyone is unique in their own way” speaks for itself.

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