How to choose the right tattoo artist?

The very first step of getting a tattoo is to do some research to find the right tattoo artist. But what are the sign of finding the best one? How to find a good studio? And what to avoid? 

First of all, use the most valuable resources to find a good artist: your friends’ recommendations. There’s no such efficient marketing campaign so far, that would beat your friends’ recommendations. Word of mouth is still the most valuable asset that you can have, when looking for a good tattoo studio. And it works the other way around: it also helps you to avoid the worst ones. 

Of course, use all social media platforms for research, but be careful. Don’t let super shiny profiles, a fancy interior or the number of followers mislead you, look for the works instead. Check the artist’s previous works and be a little strict, don’t compromise on quality. Consider the style of the tattoo that you’re going to get also. For example, if you want something old school, maybe you should look for someone who’s the expert of this style.

If you found the right studio/artist, visit the place and check if the parlor is clean and fits the standards. Hygiene is a high priority, make sure that the person who will work on your skin uses the minimum criteria when it comes to health and safety; check if the artist uses gloves, sterile needles, and is very picky about cleanliness.


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