3 reasons why you shouldn’t get a tattoo

The three main reasons why you should never get a tattoo.

I’m sure that other tattoo artists could add more reasons to the list, but I would highlight those examples which I have come across to most of the time.

  1. You have tattoos that you already regret

While there are several reasons why someone would like to get rid of a tattoo, the most common reason is that people’s perception, style and taste is changing. Getting a tattoo is something that you have for a lifetime, and you should choose very carefully what you commit to. It’s less likely to change your mind over time, if you choose something meaningful, than something trendy.


  1. You’re not sure at all

This is the type of customer that I meet a lot: not sure about the design, the size, or the body part they want to cover. Others are engaging with a design at first, then coming up with something totally different before the appointment. This is also the sign that you should better take your time and think about your future tattoo thoroughly.


  1. You’re too lazy to check the spelling

Probably you’ve heard about Ariana Grande’s last tattoo failure about getting tattooed “small charcoal grill” on her hand, instead of “seven rings”.

Well, you should be aware that checking (or better double-checking), and the research on the correct spelling of a tattoo is on you, not the artist.



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